Large Spiral Taper Ear Gauge

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Solid Sterling silver or Bronze ear gauges. Original design carved and cast in house.

Sold as a Pair

15g each Sterling silver / 12g each bronze

Tapers from 8 gauge to 6 gauge to 4 1/2 gauge.
At smallest wearable point 3mm at largest wearable point 5.8mm.

27mm tall
24mm wide

Silicon bronze and sterling silver are nickel and lead free but do contain copper. Bronze and sterling silver will naturally patina over time with body contact and moisture. 

*Other metals are available upon request as well as plating. 
Our jewellery is not made for those with fresh piercings or freshly stretched ears. Please ask for a metal spec sheet if you have metal allergies. 
Due to sanitary reasons and health concerns, wearable body jewelry cannot be returned or refund. 
All items made to order minimum 1 week processing time.

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