Our Studio

Clear Mind Artisan Jewellery and Casting Studio

Clear Mind is a small scale Casting Service and Alt Jewellery Studio based out of Peterborough, ON. Launched by Daniel Wright and Shannon Schutt in 2017. 



Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright is the Owner/Operator of Clear Mind. After graduating from Fleming HSAD’s jewellery and blacksmithing programs Dan began building his jewellery studio. Later expanding to include 3D printing and small batch casting for his own and other jewellers work. 

In building his studio Dan realized how closed off the casting industry can be and so launched the Clear Mind Jewellery YouTube channel where he shares his experience and knowledge. He has a very diverse skill set and is constantly learning and updating his knowledge to stay current in the jewellery industry. 


Shannon Schutt 

Shannon Schutt is the driving force behind Clear Mind, managing our Social Media and Youtube Channel. Shannon graduated from Fleming HSAD with a Visual and Creative Arts Diploma, Specializing in Drawing and Painting and Artist Blacksmithing. 





In 2022 Clear Mind is offering studio bench rentals in their Downtown Peterborough location, for those following COVID guidelines.



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