Basic Wax Forming Tool Kit

Below if a list of items needed for our online wax forming and carving workshops. If you have any questions about the tools please email

  • Alcohol Lamp - Open flame, 3" glass lamp. Holds approximately 4 oz. of fuel 
  • Vulcanite File
  • Skip tooth saw blades - these blades have every other tooth missing to prevent clogging
  • Saw Frame
  • Wax Spatula 
  • Wax Carving Set 4 pc 
  • 6 Wax Ring Blanks (Can be purchased as ring blanks or as chunks of wax depending on distributor) 
  • Methyl Hydrate (Wood Alcohol) - This is what you will be burning in the lamp to create a clean flame


Items recommended:

Ring Mandrel

Ring form with sizing guide

Wax Ring Reamer

Internal ring diameter cutter