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Online Wax Carving and Lost Wax Casting Class

4 Weeks/Every Month 

Each month we accept 10 people into our online wax carving and lost wax casting course. It is a 4 month video based online course. There are three options to best suite where ever you are in your artistic journey. We offer just videos, videos & casting, and videos with tools and casting. 

You are provided with a tool kit or list of tools to complete the class, this will depend on which offering you purchase. Each week we work through a project via video and Discord chat. At the end of the month you will have four finished wax carvings. For those that pick the option with casting you can ship the waxes in and we will cast them and return them to you.


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We have outlined the lost wax casting and various other jewellery related processes on our YouTube channel. Learn for free or become a channel member to join our mentorship program.