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Scorpion Ear Weights Wholesale

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The scorpions body is approximately 1 1/2" X 2" x 1/2". The stinger is approximately 1/2 cm wide. This design is only available in a size 4 gauge and they weigh 35 grams (each). Size is determined from the middle of the scorpions tail not the stinger. 

Delivered in a semi-high polish.

Sold as pair.

Due to its design this weight is not suitable for sizes under 4 gauge, it does not have a recommended maximum lobe size.

Our jewellery is not made for those with fresh piercings or freshly stretched ears. Please ask for a metal spec sheet if you have metal allergies. 
Due to sanitary reasons and health concerns, wearable body jewelry cannot be returned or refund. 

Any Questions??

Product FAQ

What metals do you use?

We use majority sterling silver and silicon bronze.

Sterling silver is nickel free. 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper your items will have a natural patina over time.

Silicon bronze, 95% copper, 4% silicon, 1% manganese. Your bronze will have a patina over time and can create a black oxide on the skin if worn for long periods of time (Approximately 8hrs). Please use proper hygiene when wearing silicon bronze ear gauges/weights.

We do not use plated metals unless indicated, the base metal will also be indicated in cases of plated items. 

We do our best to recycle our own metals in house.

Are your items hypoallergenic?

Anyone who has a fresh piercing, a body piercing (meaning in the mouth or under the skin), or is actively stretching their lobes should look for items made of hypoallergenic materials such as titanium, platinum, glass, or gold above 14k. 

Gold plating, acrylic, and steel are not considered hypoallergenic. 

Non-hypoallergenic materials are fine for use in healed lobe piercings or for other forms of jewellery (rings, pendants, etc). 

If you have a specific allergy you can email us at and we would be happy to let you know what metals we have that are comparable with your specific allergy. 

What weight should I get for my gauge size?

If you have never worn weights before it is common to be concerned about how comfortable they will be. Like with stretching itself it is best to start at the lowest size weight and work up. We recommend 20-30 grams for individuals new to wearing weights. 

Weights are appropriate for all gauge sizes. The larger your lobe is the easier the heavier ear weights are to wear. 

Can I use ear weights to stretch? 

NO. Do not use our ear weights to stretch. Using ear weights to stretch will cause your lobe to thin along the bottom as well as causing a miss-shaped stretch. 

Weights are to be worn for a maximum of 8hrs. 

Shipping, Returns, Exchanges


Items are shipped with tracking if our $20 flat rate is chosen at check out. Items will take up to 1 week to leave the studio as all orders are made to order. Shipping times will depend on location. 

We are a minimal packaging company. Your items will be shipped securely but you will not see multiple boxes, wrapping paper, postcards etc with your delivery. 


All items must be returned with the package unopened, the return process must be started within 15 days of purchase. Please email to start a return. The item must be shipped back at the customers expense. All items must be shipped back with tracking, we are not responsible for lost items. Items purchased on sale will be refunded at the sale price. All refunds will be processed within 3 days of receiving the order back. Transfer times for funds will depend on payment method, you will need to speak with your payment service provider. Body jewellery is not eligible for return or exchange.


Items are available for exchange within 45 days of purchase. We do not exchange items worn in ear. We only except exchanges for items of similar or lesser value, we do not offer store credit. The item must be shipped back at the customers expense. All items must be shipped back with tracking, we are not responsible for lost items. Items purchased on sale will be exchanged at the sale price.