Online Wax Carving and Lost Wax Casting Class

Online Wax Carving and Lost Wax Casting Class

Class Overview

Each week there will be a pre-recorded video with step by step instructions outlining the needed wax forming/carving techniques. These videos will only be available to students via a private link. We will be available Monday-Friday 6pm-9pm every day in the discord chat room to further discuss that weeks techniques and other parts of lost wax casting. Additional discussions can be held in the chatroom. 

With this course you will be shipped a curated kit of wax carving tools. This is considered a beginners course. If you already have tools or would like to purchase your own please email us to discuss what is needed for the course. Please read the full tool list before purchasing the course.  There is a non-tool option.

At the end of the four weeks all items will be shipped to our studio where we will spru & cast them and make two additional videos outlining both processes using your items. All items will be cast in sterling silver, the metal cost for the 4 items is included in the course. Additional items can be cast at additional cost.

 All items will have the spru’s filed and will be tumbled to a basic polish. There will be a video covering different finishing techniques if you would like to explore further finishing of the work outside of the course.


Tools & Materials

Tools purchased with course:

Alcohol Lamp - Open flame 3” glass lamp. Holds approx 4 oz. of fuel.

Vulcanite File

Skip Tooth Saw Blades - Blades with every other tooth missing to prevent clogging.

Saw Frame

Wax Spatula

Wax Carver Set 4 Pc

6 Wax Ring Blanks - 1" long wax ring blanks. 2 each: Purple, Green, and Blue.

Wax Sheet  1 pc


Items to purchase:

Methyl Hydrate (Wood Alcohol) - This is what you will be burning in the lamp to create a clean flame

Items recommended:

Ring Mandrel

Ring form with sizing guide

Wax Ring Reamer

Internal ring diameter cutter


Class Outline

The weeks will be determined as needed depending on the start date of the course and the level of the average student. Items can be worked on at your own pace but all items must be finished by the end of week four.


Pre Course: Email confirmation will go out. Link to discord chat will be provided.

Week One: Receive tools. Email goes out with link for Tools & Materials Video and First Project video (subtractive forming - basic signet or letter signet ring). Additional help available Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm every day in the discord chat room.

Week Two: Second Project video released (subtractive forming - ripple/textured/high dome ring). Additional help available Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm every day in the discord chat room.

Week Three: Third Project video released (additive forming - vine/spiral ring). Additional help available Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm every day in the discord chat room.

Week Four: Fourth Project video released, group critique in Discord chat, items are shipped. (Additive and subtractive forming - individual project pendant or ring) Additional help available Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm in the discord chat room.

*there may be a one week break depending on shipping

Week Five: Spruing video released, Casting video released, post cast item photos are sent out for approval.

Week Six: Bonus video of Polishing/Finishing, items are shipped.