Collection: Stone Setting Practice

Stone Setting is a fundamental skill every jeweller should have a basic understanding of. Constructing your own settings is important, but with the rise of 3D printing simply learning to set a stone has become equally important. 
The practice pieces are designed to fit many of the popular stone cuts. All settings are slightly undersized and are thus NOT plug and play, you will need stone setting tools (burs, bezel pushers, gravers, etc) to shape the settings to fit.
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Key Design Features: 
  • In most cases the Setting and Ring Shank are the same width to allow a typical vice to hold the piece while working, minimizing the number of extra, expensive tools required to get started. An 'Inside Ring Holder' is still recommended, but not necessary.
  • Cast in Bronze which mimics harder karat golds and reduces cost. (Available in Sterling Silver, Contact Us)
  • Each piece offers 8 attempts at setting, learning made easier and economical. 
  • Designed to fit calibrated stones (Available for purchase)

Also available through Pepetools