Jewellery for

Stretched Lobes

Creatures and scenic panoramas designed in bronze and sterling silver. Using traditional techniques and 3D printing technologies.


Body Jewellery

Seam Rings, Treadless Ends, and Plugs made from body safe materials like 14K Yellow Gold, Niobium, and ISO 10993 Resin.


Business & Personal

Custom Projects

Bring your idea to life. We use Lost Resin Casting and traditional Lost Wax Casting to create one of a kind pieces. If you want 1 or 100 pieces, click the button to get a quote.

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New Blog Post

Stories of our custom suspension ear weight commissions. Hear from Lynn Loheide, Frankie Fixation, and Pablo Ramos on their personal connections to body suspension and the commission process. As we take you through the journey of these three amazing projects.

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