Custom Projects

Utilize Clear Mind's casting services for your own studio, small business, or association. Whether your jewellery project is 1 or 1000 pieces we can help you design, print, and cast your items. 

We can also help with small non-ferrous metal sculptures and figures.

At Clear Mind we specialize in educating our clients on the lost wax casting and lost resin casting processes. We can walk you through the best process for your project from the design to the final product. 


Custom Project - Red Shade Studios

Printed, then cast in 14k yellow gold, finished and polished.


Collection Component - Pam Stevenson

Printed, then cast in Sterling Silver, minor to no finishing/polishing.


Custom Project - Private Individual 

Custom pendant was designed and then printed. Cast in Sterling Silver an area was made in the back to carry ashes. Finished with a high polish.

2021 Collection Restock - Lavinia Van Heuvelen

Collection pieces were molded (Vulcanized Rubber Mold), wax was injected and the items were cast in Sterling Silver. Items were then finished and polished.