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Clear Mind is launching a collection of plugs & tunnels suitable for long term wear. Our new collection is made from a transparent, Hypoallergenic, ISO 10993 compliant, resin material. Available in 1mm increments from 4mm to 40mm.

Why Our Plugs?

 Plug Demensions 

A single flare plug the front flare is 2.5mm allowing the plug to stay in place. On the back is a slight bevel with rounded edges allowing for a gentle insertion. 14.5mm long to combat any slipping of the lobe during sleep or other activities. We've been wearing these plugs for over a year sizing up through 4g-0g with no slippage due to the elongated wearable area, even without O-rings. 

Material Safety

The material we use to create our plugs has been tested under the International Organization for Standardizations recommended testing series and has been found in compliance with the below testing;

10993-10 Irritation and Delayed Type Allergies
10993-3 Carcinogenity and Reproductive Toxicity
10993-11 Systemic Toxicity
10993-5 Cytotoxicity

The FDA has also approved this material for use on/in the human body. 

New to stretching your lobes?

Many industry experts have created guides on the best way to stretch a piercing. When it comes to lobe stretching Clear Mind agrees with the recommendation of following the Dead Stretching method.

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