Custom Project FAQ


Custom Project FAQ

We work with jewellers, hobbyists, and businesses all over the world to create custom jewellery and small sculpture. 

All of our services are available individually. If you are not sure about what you need to create your project we can walk you through the process. 


Do I need to be a business to custom order something?

No. We work with businesses, hobbyists, art students, and just regular people who are looking to create something from metal or via 3D printing.

How many pieces can you do at one time?

We can do 1 item or 1000 items it is all up to you. The only thing that will determine how many items we can do at once is the size of the item. Specifics around this question can be answered in our initial email once the quote request form is submitted.

3D Printing

Can you print & cast my 3d model for me?

We have worked with several designers in the digital space to create their items from a digital render. We would need the .stl or .obj file to give a complete quote on 3d printing & casting.

Can I send you a 3D print to cast?

We have tested over 35 castable resins to date. If the client wishes to 3D print their own model and send it to us for casting, that is possible. We would ask that they consult with us on which resin(s) would be best for their project before they print the item(s). As the client is in charge of post processing the 3D Prints properly we do not guarantee texture free castings. 


What materials can you cast from?

We can cast from carving or injection wax, castable 3D printed resin, and organic (plant life) models. 

What metals can you cast in?

We work with reputable refineries within Canada to source our metals. We do not do any alloying on site. We only work in non-ferrous metals.  This includes but is not limited to bronze, sterling silver, fine silver, and various karats and colours of gold. 

If I have purchased metal or have ingots will you use it in my project?

If you wish to use metal that you have previously purchased that is possible. Please note you will need to provide all metal needed for the project including the spru's. We do not do alloying on site and we do not guarantee metal purity for metal provide by the client.

If I send you my scrap metal will you use it in my project?

If you wish to send us your scraps from metal fabrication to include in your project you may do so. We do not guarantee metal purity if your scrap is used. The scrap will need to be pre-sorted before it is given to us.

We do not purchase scrap metal from other jewellers and we do not keep unused scrap metal in-between projects.  


What materials can you take a mold from?

We make and use both vulcanized and RTV molds. This means we can take a mold from a variety of materials including metals, wood, plastic, glass, etc.

Please be aware that any items with stones, enamelling, inlay, plating, etc will need to be RTV molded which is a longer and more expensive mold making process.

Any wood should be sealed for best result. 

Metal items that are molded via vulcanization will need to be polished before returning as the heat will patina the metal.