The stories behind our Custom Suspension Ear Weights

In the world of body modification and adornment, few creations resonate as deeply as custom suspension ear weights. These pieces of wearable art not only elevate one's aesthetic but also embody a journey of gratitude, friendship, and personal growth. Each commission tells a unique story—a narrative of craftsmanship and collaboration that transcends mere jewelry to become a cherished expression of identity.


At Clear Mind we could not be more honoured to be able to work with so many amazingly talented people to bring their suspension stories to life. The very first pair of suspension ear weights we’re inspired by our now dear friend and colleague Lynn Loheide during the 2022 APP conference in Las Vegas. This is what they had to say about the collaboration. 


“At 2022 conference over drinks with the wonderful folks at Clear Mind I brought up something I’ve always dream of in jewelry - body suspension! I wanted to capture the magic of suspension in something I could wear. They began brainstorming, and what came about was better than I could have ever imagined. This saddle style ear weight is entirely riggable just like an actual suspension. They feature actual figure 8 and safety knots. My amazing team at Skynthesis Suspension designed the rigging to be replicated on an actual suspension, and then we made it happen.  Thanks to Clear Mind for designing what ended up being an incredible and comfortable suspension. My heart is very full seeing this collaboration of sculpture, jewelry design, body suspension, rigging, and photography come together with some of my favourite people.” 



This solid sterling silver set was our first suspension commission. We reviewed suspension photos from Skynthesis and Lynn daily through out the project. Contorting our own bodies into ridiculous poses, comparing ourselves to the photos, making notes and adjusting the digital model. It was high stakes creating a pose that we as a team had never personally experienced, putting Lynn’s comfort and safety at risk. The team at Skynthesis took our interpretation and expanded it with beautiful and integrate rigging bringing to life what was only a dream.


That dream has sparked the imagination of many others and creating suspension based ear weights is now something we do with pride and a greater understanding of the human body and suspension practices. 


Inspired by Lynn’s commission we were asked to reverse the process by suspension artist and model Frankie Fixation. Creating a custom suspension set, much lighter and smaller then ever before, basing the design off of a single suspension event. Frankie had sent us photos of a resurrection based suspension they had done at a public event. We were able to create a one to one tiny replica of Frankie from that day in bronze. 


"As a jewelry collector and suspension artist I jumped at the chance to collaborate with Clear Mind. Their casting process and attention to detail beautifully captured my 2 point resurrection suspension and words cannot describe what these weights mean to me. The chains I added create a beautiful swinging effect while I'm wearing these beautiful babies and the hammered textured saddles pair perfectly

Body Suspension, for me, is a way of facing my fears. Working through trauma and the emotional release I personally experience. On the side of facilitating I find people suspend for 100s of different reasons, and I enjoy being apart of their journey. I own a 1880s Church that's been converted into a dream venue for suspension. We share a space for the public and for other experienced suspension teams to use as a creative space, with high ceilings that are weight rated, clean rooms for before and after suspensions, and full control over the venue being able to do more elaborate events.”



One of our hopes with creating suspension commissions such as this is to help our friends, clients, and community members further share the self healing nature of suspension and body modifications. As artists we are also grateful for such meaningful opportunities to push our jewellery practice. To see where we can take our 3D Modeling and 3D Printing techniques to create complex jewellery pieces outside of the mainstream jewellery industry. 


One of the most detailed suspension projects we have worked on is also one of our most recent. Working with Pablo we also worked from a single suspension event. Recreating him in a small bronze still life. In respecting his journey into suspension and body modification we did our best to retain every small detail including all of his facial piercings some of less then 0.2 mm. Each new body suspension commission we work on brings new challenges. We push ourselves to include even more detail and even greater levels of accuracy. The one thing that always remains is the human connection. The practitioner connecting with their emotions, suspension team, and us. 



“Human body suspension has always been a dream of mine to do since a very young age. I always knew when the time was right I would be up on the hooks. I work at Big Brain Productions a tattoo/piercing studio in Omaha, Nebraska, that is where I met Tonilee. Her and I connected like two peas in a pod and had started planning on doing a suspension show together. Sadly, Tonilee passed away in 2022, unable to achieve one of her many dreams which was suspending. 

In 2023 at the Kansas City Tattoo Arts Festival by Villians Art I did my first ever suspension show. I did a 6 point lotus position which was facilitated by Verona Fink the head lead of Cenobyte Suspension Crew. Verona Fink and the Cenobyte crew helped create a very special moment full of happiness, excitement and sadness, because I got to achieve a long time goal of mine, heal a long lasting wound named grief and most importantly got to achieve Tonilee's goal for her like she would've wanted. 

I reached out to Clear Mind Casting inquiring about custom suspension weights after seeing how beautifully Frankie's turned out. Clear Mind Casting turned a special moment in my life into beautiful jewelry that I can always carry with me and display for the world to see.”


We have been so honoured to be able to work with so many amazing people while creating our art. We are happy to say that many of our clients are now our friends and we are so grateful to them for allowing us in to take part in their journeys. Whatever their reasons may be for suspending. 



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