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Clear Mind Jewellery

Round Bezel Stone Setting Practice Ring

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Round Bezel setting for 6mm round stones. 
Optional 8, 6mm Round Cubic Zirconia Stones to set. 

Cast in Bronze which mimics harder karat golds and reduces cost. (Available in Sterling Silver, Contact Us)

Each piece offers 8 attempts at setting, learning made easier and economical. 

Online Coaching

Product FAQ

How do I book a call?

When the coaching call session is purchased a link will be sent to you via email (within 24hrs) to book directly into Dan's Coaching Calendar .

What is covered in coaching calls?

Coching calls are an open forum to discuss issues you are having in studio or ask for reccomednations regarding techniques, tools, and processes.

Industry areas such as 3D printing, casting, jewellery fabrication, etc.

What do I bring to a session?

In order to make the most of your session please bring:

-A note pad or other device to take notes

-Photos of your work, if available

-Photos and or links to better illustrate your questions

- Questions. To get the most out of your session it is best that you come with pre-prepared question.

Do you do in person coaching?

Not currently. All of our coaching sessions are currently held online.

We are slowly getting back to in-person classes but workshops and coaching sessions have yet to move to in-person.