Direct to Cast Resin Ranked List

Direct to Cast Resin Ranked List

Hello Everyone, 

With another resin review comes an update to the Castable Resin Ranked List. Last week we published our video review of the Senertek V3 Castable resin, you can read a full blog post dedicated to this resin as well. With adding it to the comparison chart there are two things to note. 

1 - The resin was cast using the boric acid investment mixture. Which is something we have not done with any other resin to date and was specifically requested by the manufacturer. 

2 - Although the prints for the larger items were beautiful we did not have success printing filagree work. You can see more regarding this in the video review.


Other updates to this list include a revised ranking of Power Resins support. A representative from the Power Resins team connected with us in regards to our previous ranking of the Power Resins technical support department and after sending multiple secret shopper emails we are happy to report that their response time, technical knowledge, and customer service has improved since our last enquiry. 





We have several more resins on the way so be sure to check back soon!


For more information about each of the resins listed please see our video reviews on our YouTube channel.

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