Eternal Tension - A story in Bronze and Silver

In "Eternal Tension" a sculpture set within an 80 mm set of tunnels, Daniel Wright, explores the interplay between strength and vulnerability, the timeless struggle of the human experience. Crafted from bronze, sterling silver, and adorned with gemstones.

Suspended at the heart of the sculpture by golden chains lies a sterling silver male figure, his form rendered with a sense of fluidity and strain. With flowing locks of naturally dreaded hair cascading around him, denoting the length of time, he appears as a symbol of resilience against the constraints imposed upon him.

The bronze tunnel itself, fashioned to resemble a weathered stone archway, serves as both a physical and metaphorical threshold. A place of realization. Each gemstone, meticulously placed along its circumference via bezel setting. Behind every gemstone lies a mounting point for the chains, symbolic of the unseen burdens that weigh upon us, impeding our journey forward.

One piece of the stone archway stands out— pulled inward by the male figure's exertion against the golden restraints. Here, the tension is palpable, frozen in time.

Through "Eternal Tension," we invite viewers to contemplate their own struggles and triumphs, and to think forward to the possibilities. As we battle with externally and internally imposed constraints.