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Black Cat Ear Weights

Black Cat Ear Weights

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Modeled after a witches black cat these ear weights were designed, rendered and 3d printed before being cast into silicon bronze, all in house. 

The broom is 8cm long and 2cm wide. The cat is 3.5cm tall. The cats tail is a 4 gauge, they weigh 63 grams (each). 

The cat has been given a beautiful black patina while the broom has been patina'd and then buffed to show contrasting textures. The entire piece has a matte finish. 

Sold as pair.

Due to its design this weight is not suitable for sizes under 4 gauge.

Silicon bronze is a beautiful gold looking metal. Silicon bronze is nickel and lead free but does contain copper. Bronze will naturally patina over time with body contact and moisture.

Available in other nano ceramic finishes. 

3rd Photo by: marla3na_dietrich (Instagram)

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