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Jack-o-lantern Ear Weights

Jack-o-lantern Ear Weights

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Modelled after a Jack-o-lantern these ear weights were designed, rendered and 3d printed before being cast into silicon bronze, all in house. Featuring a hollow inside like a real life jack-o-lantern makes for an interesting casting process. In order for the item to be cast successfully a hollow core of investment will have to hold the space open as metal flows around it during casting. 

The pumpkin body is approximately 3cm X 2cm without the stem. Weigh 57 grams (each). 

The pumpkin has been given a beautiful black patina while the hook is left the natural bronze colour and high polished. The rest of the pumpkin has received a satin finish.

Other Nano Ceramic Coating finishes available. 

Sold as pair.

Due to its design this weight is not suitable for sizes under 6 gauge, it does not have a recommended maximum lobe size.

Silicon bronze is a beautiful gold looking metal. Silicon bronze is nickel and lead free but does contain copper. Bronze will naturally patina over time with body contact and moisture. 

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