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Studio Setup Coaching Call Bundle

Studio Setup Coaching Call Bundle

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With the creation of our YouTube channel we have been giving advice on how to use equipment, develop skills, and build a business to hundreds of people. 

We are now offering that same expertise in 1:1 sessions.

All the information from the making of your model (in wax or 3d printed) up until a finished cast, in order, tailored to you.

After an initial consult call we will cover: 

  • Picking the proper equipment for your budget and goals
  • Product overviews and suggested workflow including but not limited to;
    • Choosing a resin for your workflow
  • Equipment setup
  • The lost resin casting and/or lost wax casting process including but not limited to;
    • Resin and/or wax Burnout 
    • Investment mixing 
  • Post Processing suggestions and workflow debrief 
  • Other jewellery techniques 
  • Trouble shooting issues

Approximately 8hrs of 1:1 Zoom coaching. If you are looking to start or expand your studio this is the program for you.


Requirements: You don't need to have a jewellery studio already to schedule a call. All calls are done over Zoom, you should have an account setup before purchase. Scheduling is at the discretion of Clear Mind. A consult call time will be suggested that is within 5 days of purchase. The program will be a maximum of 8hrs but will vary depending on participants current experience level. 
Please assure you have reliable internet ahead of the calls.
Any hours un-used after 90 days of purchase due to issues with purchasers scheduling will be forfeited. 
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